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UVa's SPS Chapter Recognized as Distinguished
For the second straight year UVa's SPS chapter has been recognized as "distinguished".   This honor is only given to the top 20% of all SPS chapters in the country.   The ... More >
Brigid McDonald
McDonald Wins APS Award
Dear Faculty and Undergraduates, Please join me to congratulate Brigid McDonald for being recognized for giving one of the three best research presentations at the APS Conference for ... More >
P.Q. Hung
I Want The ILC! by P. Q. Hung
"The ILC Blues", by P. Q. Hung and Duong Quoc Dat, is featured in the Newsletter of the Linear Collider Comunity: http://newsline.linearcollider.org/2015/01/08/the-ilc-blues/ More >
Faculty Profile:
Stu Wolf. (Professor of Materials Science and Physics). My primary interest at UVa is in the study of spin dependent phenomenon in thin films and alternating multilayers of ...More >
Student Profile:
Manolis Kargiantoulakis. (Graduate Student). I participated in the Q_weak experiment that ran in Jefferson Lab Hall C and was completed on May 2012. The ...More >