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Atomic, Molecular, & Optical High Energy Nuclear & Particle Condensed Matter

Monday, November 30, Physics Building Room 204Atomic
Sevag Gharibian, Virginia Commonwealth University
" For more information about Prof. Sevag Gharibian please see the following link: More >
Wednesday, December 2, Physics Building Room 204High Energy
Erin O'Sullivan, Duke University
Thursday, December 3, Physics Building Room 313Condensed Matter
Prof. Chenggang Tao, Virginia Tech
" Emerging two-dimensional (2D) materials, such as graphene and atomically thin transition metal dichalcogenides, have been the subject of intense ..." More >
Friday, December 4, Physics Building Room 204Colloquium
Charles Hyde, Old Dominion University
" For many years, it was generally thought that spatial imaging of the proton was impossible in principle, due to the relativistic recoil of the ..." More >
Sackett Viewpoint featured in Physics
Cass Sackett wrote a Viewpoint, "Cool Physics with Warm Ions", for Physics, an American Physical Society site that provides daily on-line news and ... More >
Zheng Elected a Fellow of the American Physical Society
Upon the recomendation of the Topical Group on Hadronic Physics (GHP), Xiaochao Zheng has been elected a Fellow of the American ... More >
Alumnus Tanner Awarded APS Isakson Prize
UVa Physics Alumnus David Tanner (B.A. 1966, M.S. 1967), now Distinguished Professor of Physics at the University of Florida, has been awarded the 2016 ... More >
Faculty Profile:
Dinko Počanić. (Professor). Prof. Počanić is studying basic symmetries and conservation laws manifest at low and intermediate ...More >
Student Profile:
Adam Fallon. (Graduate Student). Our group uses Bose-Einstein Condensates as atomic interferometers. These ultra-cold atoms serve as sensitive ...More >