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Atomic, Molecular, & Optical High Energy Nuclear & Particle Condensed Matter

Tuesday, March 21, 3:30 PM, Physics Building Room 204Nuclear
Dat Duong, UVA-Physics
"Strongly self-interacting dark matter (SSIDM) was proposed as a candidate which might be able to solve astrophysical problems plaguing collisionless ..." More >
Wednesday, March 22, 3:30 PM, Physics Building Room 204High Energy
Camillo Mariani, Virginia Tech
"The SoLid/CHANDLER experiment aims to make a measurement of very short baseline neutrino oscillations using reactor anti-neutrinos. For this ..." More >
Thursday, March 23, 11:00 AM, Physics Building Room 313Condensed Matter
Abhishek Roy, Institute for Theoretical Physics, University of Cologne
"Spin chains with PSU(n) symmetry are known to have symmetry protected topological phases distinguished by boundary states. We determine the parent ..." More >
Thursday, March 23, 7:00 PM, The Rotunda Room Dome RoomColloquium
Francis Halzen, UW - Wisconsin
"The IceCube project at the South Pole has melted eighty-six holes over 1.5 miles deep in the Antarctic icecap for use as astronomical observatories. ..." More >
Friday, March 24, 9:00 AM, Physics Building Room 205Condensed Matter
Mulugeta Bekele, Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia
"I first consider an elevator as a system that lifts a load from a ground floor to a top floor by consuming an input energy. I ask: what amount of ..." More >
Friday, March 24, 3:30 PM, Physics Building Room 204Colloquium
Ariel Amir, Harvard University
"Understanding how cells control and coordinate the various ongoing cellular processes, such as DNA replication, growth and division is ..." More >
Tuesday, March 28, 3:30 PM, Physics Building Room 204Nuclear
Raphael Dupre, Institut de Physique Nucléaire d'Orsay
Wednesday, March 29, 3:30 PM, Physics Building Room 204High Energy
Keith Olive, University of Minnesota
Thursday, March 30, 11:00 AM, Physics Building Room 313Condensed Matter
Gaurav Giri, University of Virginia, Chemical Engineering
"Small organic molecules have had a dramatic impact on our health and daily life over the past century. Small molecule pharmaceuticals have increased ..." More >
Friday, March 31, 3:30 PM, Physics Building Room 204Colloquium
Kirsten Tollefson, Michigan State University
"The High Altitude Water Cherenkov (HAWC) Gamma-ray Observatory was completed in March 2015 and is now giving us a new view of the sky. HAWC is a ..." More >
Pennies from Heaven
From USA TODAY: "There's a tale we've all heard: A penny dropped from the top of the Empire State Building would fall at such a rate it would impale and kill anyone ... More >
Louca Elected President of NSSA
Prof. Despina Louca has been elected to serve a four year term as President of the Neutron Scattering Society of America. See  http://neutronscattering.org and ... More >
DeZoort Wins Best Poster Award at 2016 PhysCon
Gage DeZoort's poster,  Anomalous Signal Reduction in the CMS ECAL Trigger, won a Best Poster award at the  2016 Quadrennial ... More >
Faculty Profile:
Seunghun Lee. (Commonwealth Professor of Physics). Lee’s research focuses on strongly correlated materials such as non-conventional high temperature ...More >
Student Profile:
Tanwa Arpornthip. (Graduate Student). Atom interferometry promises great accuracy in measuring changes in atomic energy. We are focusing on two ...More >