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Atomic, Molecular, & Optical High Energy Nuclear & Particle Condensed Matter

Faculty Profile:
Brad Cox. (Professor). Professor Cox has been involved in many experiments at Brookhaven National Laboratory, Stanford Linear ...More >
Student Profile:
Adam Fallon. (Graduate Student). Our group uses Bose-Einstein Condensates as atomic interferometers. These ultra-cold atoms serve as sensitive ...More >
Craigs' Group NOvA Homework
From UVA Today: University of Virginia physicists are playing a key role in one of the world’s largest physics experiments, a nearly $300 million project called ... More >
Lee Group's Work on Solar Cells Highlighted by DOE
Twisting Molecule Wrings More Power from Solar Cells Inside a solar cell, sunlight excites electrons. But these electrons often don’t last ... More >
Alumnus Caplan Receives APS Dissertation Award
UVa Physics Alumnus Matthew Caplan (B.S. 2013), now a Canadian Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics Postdoctoral Fellow at McGill University, has ... More >
Xiaoliang Qi , Stanford University
Entanglement, chaos and order

In classical mechanics, chaos refers to the phenomenon that an arbitrarily small perturbation leads to a dramatic change at a later time. The analogous phenomenon in ... More >
Patrick Charbonneau , Duke University
Recent Advances on the Glass Problem

Recent theoretical advances in the mean-field theory of glasses predict the existence, deep in the glass phase, of a novel phase transition, a so-called Gardner ... More >
Vladimir Dobrosavljevic , Florida State University
Bad Metal Behavior and Mott Quantum Criticality

According to early ideas of Mott and Anderson, the interaction-­â€driven metal-­â€ insulator transition ... More >
Ted Hodapp , APS Bridge Program
APS Bridge Program: Changing the Face of Physics Graduate Education

In nearly every science, math, and engineering field there is a significant falloff in participation by underrepresented minority ... More >