Physics at Virginia

Physics Department Allies are department members who have volunteered to advance the department’s commitment to inclusivity by serving as approachable contacts for anyone who feels that they have been the object of harassment, at any level, including micro-aggressions. A Department Ally can provide assistance in managing and correcting inappropriate behavior that does not rise to the level of a Title IX violation. 

The Allies undergo preparatory training, are approved by the Department Chair and work closely with the DDEI. We welcome Allies from all ranks and roles in the Department. Departmental Allies will meet regularly to discuss incidents that have been reported while maintaining confidentiality of the individuals involved.

Department Allies are not trained to deal with imminent dangerous situations requiring 911 assistance, nor are they trained to provide legal advice. 

Department Allies 

The Department Ally program was launched in Spring 2021. We expect the team of Allies to evolve over time.

If you are interested in volunteering to serve as a Departmental Ally, please contact the Physics DDEI.