Physics at Virginia

Rachel Yohay has been awarded the ARCS Fellowship

Friday, April 8 2011

The Metro Washington Chapter of ARCS selected Rachel Yohay as a fellowship recipient for the 2011-2012 academic year. ARCS stands for Achievement Rewards for College Scientists and only 1 nomination was allowed out of UVa for the $15,000 scholarship. The focus of this fellowship is on the doctoral student's research that "could feasibly serve as a breakthrough technology or discovery... of advancing our country's global technological competitiveness." The chapter liaison to the Universities, Karen Meyers, wrote "we were all in awe of the outstanding choice you made to present to us. Rachel Yohay is exactly the kind of student ARCS is looking for - dynamic, a leader and certainly brilliant. Her current position in Switzerland , as described by her professors, is commendable. We are so pleased to welcome her as a 2011-2012 ARCS Scholar. "