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The undergraduate physics program at the University of Virginia provides offerings that range from exciting general education courses suitable for any student to highly advanced classes that can prepare you for the most demanding physics graduate studies. Use the links below to find information about majoring in physics, about the various courses we offer, and about other opportunities in the department. If you have any questions about your physics studies, use the Contact link to ask directly... we are always happy to hear from you!

If you are ready to declare a physics major or minor, please contact our program coordinator to start the process. For declaring in astronomy/physics, instead contact the astrophysics coordinator. If you are contemplating studying physics but haven't decided yet, consider taking PHYS 1930 "Physics in the 21st Century." This an undemanding course that will introduce you to some of the big ideas and questions of modern physics so you can learn more about what a major or career in physics would be like.

If you prefer a pdf version of the degree requirements documentation, see here.

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