Physics at Virginia

Seymour Receives Astronaut Scholarship

Wednesday, May 30 2018

From UVAToday:

Brian C. Seymour of Ruckersville, a rising fourth-year student at the University of Virginia double-majoring in physics and mathematics, has received an Astronaut Scholarship, which is designed to encourage students in the sciences.
Seymour’s research focus stems from his fascination with gravity.
“Gravity is the enigma of modern theoretical physics, so I wanted to work on testing it,” he said. “General relativity is a theory of gravity that generalizes Newtonian gravity, and it describes gravity as a curvature of spacetime. So far, general relativity has passed all tests with flying colors, but there are many reasons to consider theories beyond general relativity. I have been working on testing general relativity with compact astrophysical binaries.”

For more, see https://news.virginia.edu/content/gravity-fascinates-latest-astronaut-scholar