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Hung Joins MoEDAL Collaboration

Thursday, January 7 2021

Prof. P.Q. Hung has joined the MoEDAL experiment (at the Large Hadron Collider) Collaboration.  Prof. Hung's activities with MoEDAL consist of theoretical support to the Collaboration (he is collaborating with two theorists of the Collaboration: John Ellis and Nick Mavromatos).

From the MoEDAL website:

MoEDAL is a pioneering experiment designed to search for highly ionizing avatars of new physics such as magnetic monopoles or massive (pseudo-)stable charged particles. Its groundbreaking physics program defines over 30 scenarios that yield potentially revolutionary insights into such foundational questions as: are there extra dimensions or new symmetries; what is the mechanism for the generation of mass; does magnetic charge exist; what is the nature of dark matter; and, how did the big-bang develop.  MoEDAL's purpose is to meet such far-reaching challenges at the frontier of the field.

For more, see https://moedal.web.cern.ch

Tags: P.Q. Hung High Energy Physics Theoretical Physics