Physics at Virginia

Twelfth Annual Sigma Pi Sigma Research Symposium

Friday, November 4 2022

The Twelfth Annual Sigma Pi Sigma Research Symposium, organized by our Sigma Pi Sigma officers, was held on November 4th, 2021, in the Rotunda's Lower West Oval Room with students from the Physics and Astronomy Departments. Prizes were awarded to the following presentations:


1st place: Theo O'Neill, "Mapping the Local Bubble's Magnetic Field in 3D"

2nd place: Katya Mikhailova, "Optical Cavity Design for Quantum Metrology"

3rd place: Sydney Roberts, "The Search for Hidden Structures in the Temple of Kukulcán at Chichén Itzá using Cosmic-Ray Muons"


1st place: Sophia Yi, "Atomic-scale Studies on the Dissociation of CO2 over Single Sn Atoms Dispersed on Au(111)"

2nd place: Shrinidhi Nadgouda, "Constructing an Orthogonal Basis for Image Reconstruction in MATLAB using Principal Component Analysis"

3rd place: Darren Upton, "Extraction of αs using Bjorken Sums"