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Liuti Awarded 2019 Francis Slack Prize

Thursday, December 5 2019

The Southeastern Section of the American Physics Society (SESAPS) has awarded Simonetta Liuti the 2019 Francis Slack prize. This award is in honor of her excellence in service to physics in the Southeast. The citation reads:

Dr. Simonetta Liuti has demonstrated excellence in service to the physics community of the Southeast through her contributions at Jefferson Lab, leadership roles within SESAPS, and the promotion of inclusion in physics in the region. Dr. Liuti has made significant contributions to the Jefferson Lab science program via her theoretical work and her prominent involvement with the establishment of the Center for Nuclear Femtogrophy (CNF) at Jefferson Lab.  In addition, she has supported SESAPS through her service in the chair line from 2012-2016 and as SESAPS program meeting chair in 2014.  Finally, Dr. Liuti has helped further the goals of improving diversity and inclusion in the Southeast physics community through the organization of various workshops and meetings and participation in committees, with particular focus on (although not limited to) the role of women in physics.

For more about the history of the award, see:


Jefferson Lab has a very nice writeup as well:


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