Physics at Virginia

Janet Rafner Featured in UVaToday Series on Class of 2015

Thursday, May 21 2015

From UVaToday:
"... the fateful combination of being encouraged to undertake interdisciplinary study and a chance encounter with a professor led to an internship in Paris and eventually to curating an exhibition at the Science Museum of Virginia in Richmond. That, in turn, led to her application and acceptance as a Fulbright Scholar.
Rafner will study in Denmark, working with a MAYA software specialist on new ways of illustrating scientific principles. MAYA is software normally used to create video games, and is not yet widely used in the sciences. One of the projects Rafner will work on is animating the Navier-Stokes equations, which describe the motion of viscous fluids and serve as the basis to help model everyday occurrences such as water flow in pipes or turbulence in an aircraft."
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