Physics at Virginia

Third Annual Undergraduate Physics Research Symposium

Thursday, December 5 2013

The Third Annual Undergraduate Physics Research Symposium was held on November 1, 2013. Six undergraduates presented their physics-related research at the event. Topics presented were as follows:

Yekaterina Gilbo "The Role of Solar Wind in Magnetospheric Oscillations"

Alyssa Henderson "Non-linear Multi-dimensional Optimization for use in Wire Scanner Fitting"

Elton Ho "Noise Studies on Silicon Avalanche Photodiodes and Pure Cesium Iodide Crystals for the Belle II Experiment"

Ranjani Sarma "The Study of Neutrino Properties from Dark Matter Annihilation in the Sun"

Michael Viray "Variable Terahertz Transparencies of Different Plastics"

Sophia Xiao "Identification of Upward going Muons for Dark Matter Searches at the NOvA Experiment"

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