Physics at Virginia

Ninth Physics Department Research Poster Competition

Tuesday, March 8 2011

During the week of March 28 through April 1, 2011, the Physics department will hold a poster competition to highlight graduate student research. The competition will be open to all students who have entered their third year in the graduate program and beyond. Senior students are particularly encouraged to participate by placing their posters in the main hallway, showcasing their works.

The intent of the competition is twofold:
1) Increase awareness within the department of the variety of research topics currently under investigation by students, and
2) Recognize student excellence in research and presentation.

Any student who has started a program of research should feel free to enter. We strongly encourage all eligible students to take the time to prepare a poster. Please notify Dawn in the main office by March 23 if you decide to enter the competition by providing a title and author list. This will give us an accurate count on the number of boards we would need.

Participating students will place their posters in the main hallway of the physics building sometime between Monday, March 28 and Tuesday, March 29. The posters will be reviewed by members of the graduate program committee between Wednesday, March 30 and Thursday, March 31. Based on the poster review, the committee will award four students with the following prizes:
1st place: $1,500
2nd place: $1,000
3rd place: $ 750
4th place: $ 500