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Craigs' Group Work Highlighted in Cavalier Daily Article

Thursday, November 21 2019

From The Cavalier Daily:

University physicists are beginning to make their mark on two multi-million dollar experiments in particle physics by contributing their research analyses to experiments with the Fermi National Accelerator Complex — Fermilab for short. These experiments, called the Muon-to-electron Conversion Experiment, or Mu2e, and an additional neutrino experiment called NOvA, have the potential to drastically change what is known within the field of particle physics today. While NOvA is underway, Mu2e experiments are scheduled to begin in 2023. 
“There are many experiments at Fermilab, and U.Va. has a long history of contributions to these experiments,” said Craig Group
“We are still in the construction stage, which will last for another year and a half,” said Craig Dukes
Through these experiments, the University is also able to offer mass opportunity for undergraduate involvement, such as through fourth-year College student Ben Barton, who has been working on the Mu2e experiment for a little over two and a half years.

For more, see https://www.cavalierdaily.com/article/2019/11/u-va-physicists-explore-subatomic-questions-in-multi-million-dollar-international-experiments

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