Physics at Virginia

Nguyen awarded the Nathan Isgur Postdoctoral Fellowship in Nuclear Experiment

Thursday, July 16 2020

Jefferson Lab has recently announced that Dien Nguyen, a 2018 graduate of the department, has been awarded the Nathan Isgur Postdoctoral Fellowship in Nuclear Experiment. Dien arrived at UVa in 2011 having earned her undergraduate degree from Hue University, Vietnam  in 2010. In 2009 she met her UVa advisor, Research Professor Donal Day, when he took part in a joint UVa-Hue University program (created and organized by Prof. PQ Hung of our department) in which the UVa undergraduate physics curriculum was taught to Hue University undergraduates. 

Dien earned her Ph.D. in late 2018 from an experimental program (at Jefferson Lab) designed to probe the details of the nucleon-nucleon interaction at short distances. After graduation from UVa she took a postdoctoral position at MIT. Nguyen, the first woman to receive this award, will return to Jefferson Lab for her 3-year fellowship.

See also https://www.jlab.org/news/releases/studying-small-learn-big