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Sackett's Intro Physics Course Garners Praise

Tuesday, December 17 2019

From UVAToday:

On UVA’s Instagram account, we asked students about their favorite fall-semester courses. Submissions poured in with students highlighting engaging classes and how professors’ teaching styles transformed their classroom experience.

One highlighted course was PHYS 1710, "Introductory Physics I: Classical Mechanics, Waves, Thermodynamics" taught by Cass Sackett:

“Even though the class was hard, it never felt intimidating because he was always reassuring, hosted ample amounts of office hours, and was just super-compassionate,” he said. “My favorite part were honestly the lectures, because he would do great demos and I lived for his small jokes he threw in.”

For more, see https://news.virginia.edu/content/students-take-instagram-highlight-their-favorite-fall-courses


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